Every Vote Equal


A State-Based Plan for Electing the President by National Popular Vote
With Answers to 131 Myths about the National Popular Vote Plan
Fourth Edition—February 2013.

By John R. Koza, Barry Fadem, Mark Grueskin, Michael S. Mandell, Robert Richie, and Joseph F. Zimmerman.

With 15 forewords from John B. Anderson (R,I–IL), Birch Bayh (D–IN), John Buchanan (R–AL), Tom Campbell (R–CA), Greg Aghazarian (R–CA), Saul Anuzis (R–MI), Laura Brod (R–MN), Tom Golisano (R,I–FL), Joseph Griffo (R–NY), Ray Haynes (R–CA), Bob Holmes (D–GA), Dean Murray (R–NY), Tom Pearce (R–MI), Christopher Pearson (P–VT), Jake Garn (R–Utah).

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